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back pain massage therapy

Mobile RMT specializes in Mobile Massage Therapy Services across Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and The GTA.

Our Health Care Professionals are highly educated, skilled, and licenced with the Collage of Massage Therapist of Ontario. As Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) and Certified Chair Massage Practitioners, they will be sure to provide you with the highest quality of service.

 Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, relieve chronic pain, speed recovery from illness or injury or just relax, we can help you.

In today's fast paced and stressful world it is exceedingly important to maintain good health and well-being. Many of today's health problems arise from stress because stress depresses the immune system, increases muscle tension and causes headaches. It has been proven that massage has the opposite effect

Massage Therapy is covered By Most Insurance Companies

We Offer Direct Billing To Private and Auto Insurance

"For many people, managing pain involves using prescription medicine in combination with complementary techniques like physical therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and massage. I appreciate this because I truly believe medical care should address the person as a whole - their mind, body, and spirit."

- Naomi Judd


Massage therapy means that you can receive regular massage therapy treatments in the comfort and safety of your home, our clinic or  your office. 
We are committed to providing professional services to clients who are suffering from injury or may not have the time or means to attend regular massage therapy treatments outside of their residence or office.

Our Registered Massage Therapist will travel to your place of residence or to your office where you can receive quality massage therapy treatment or rehabilitation at the time that works best for you. 

We offer direct insurance billing for Massage Therapy and Home Care Services to Private, Health Benefit Plans, Veterans Affairs and Motor Vehicle Claims MVA.


Our comprehensive chair massage sessions are designed to relax muscle spasms, relieve tension, improve circulation and hasten elimination of wastes. A wonderful antidote to stress and muscle tension, massage will rub away fatigue, induce relaxation and revitalization, improve alertness and motivation and reduce anxiety levels.

For more than two decades, corporations have utilized On Site Chair Massage Program to better the workplace.
The result... enormous cost savings, increased productivity and happier employees!


As a Professional Massage Therapists, our goal is to help people maintain their health
through massage therapy and education.

We work closely with each person to give
healing at the appropriate level,

be it physical, emotional, or spiritual.

We also help educate the client so they succeed in whatever health care program

they choose. 

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